General information

  1. One presenter can submit only one abstract.
  2. Abstract and full paper must be prepared using ANSCSE25 templates. They will be rejected or returned for format correction before further processing if they do not comply with ANSCSE25 templates.
  3. Abstract and full paper must be submitted online only.
  4. Abstract can be submitted either for oral or poster presentation. Please note that abstract submitted for oral presentation may be accepted as poster presentation, depending on the available time slot.
  5. All presenters must register and pay the registration fee by May 15, 2022, otherwise their abstracts may automatically be withdrawn from the program.
  6. Only ONE full paper can be submitted from ONE accepted abstract.
  7. Accepted abstracts will be available on ANSCSE25 website for download prior to the meeting.
  8. Accepted full papers will be published as ANSCSE25 proceedings in electronic format.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstract must be prepared using ANSCSE25 abstract template.
  2. Abstract must be written in English and must not exceed 250 words.
  3. Abstract must include upto 5 keywords and may include one photograph (table, diagram is not allowed), but it must not exceed one A4 page.
  4. Name your abstract file as Lastname_Initial_Abstract.doc

All authors whose abstracts have been accepted for ANSCSE25 can decide to publish their full paper in ONLY ONE of these choices.

  • ANSCSE25 e-proceeding book (It will be published via from June 8, 2022))
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (APST) (indexed by Scopus, Q3) (This will take time and your full article will be published in the special issue of APST in 2023.)


  1. Full manuscript must be prepared using “ANSCSE25 proceeding template” only.
  2. The proceeding template will be sent along with the acceptance letter of your abstract.
  3. Full manuscript must be submitted through the ANSCSE25 website for a peer review before May 15, 2022.
  4. Accepted manuscripts will be published as ANSCSE25 proceeding in electronic format (ANSCSE25 e-Proceeding)

Journal Publication

  1. A registrant can submit only ONE manuscript for publication.
  2. A registrant submitting a manuscript for publication in the conference e-Proceedings will NOT be able to submit a manuscript to Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (APST).
  3. The submitted manuscript must align with the scope, following the journal guidelines for submission.
  4. Full papers must be submitted on the Journal website after receiving pre-screening letter of recommendation from the ANSCSE25 academic committee.