Important Information

1. All registered delegates and full-time students will receive conference materials, access to all scientific sessions, conference banquet, 2 lunches and 4 coffee breaks.

2. Accompanying persons must be spouse of presenter or students of presenter or students who are co-authors of the work presenting at ANSCSE25. The fee for an accompanying person includes conference banquet, two lunches and four coffee breaks.

Registration TypesEarly Registration (Before May 15, 2022) Late Registration (After May 15, 2022)
General audience3,000 THB4,000 THB
Student1,500 THB2,000 THB
Accompanying person2,000 THB3,000 THB
Foreigner250 USD350 USD
*Note that this is the rate for both onsite and online conference. *****For on-site registration, participants must pay registration fee in cash (Thai Baht) only, and may or may not receive the conference materials.*** 

Detail of ANSCSE25 Bank Account

Krung Thai Bank

Khon Kaen University Branch

Account Name: Theerapong Puangmali and Pawinee Klangtakai

Account No: 661-5-02872-7

Conference Banquet

The conference banquet will be held from 18:30 to 21:30 on June 9, 2022. During the dinner, you will be served traditional I-Sarn cuisine. You will particularly enjoy the Nothestern traditional dance, Pong Lang. Pong Lang, an Isan folk song, has a very important rhythm. Pong Lang is the only percussion instrument used to play the melody. Pong Lang evolved from animal bells to produce the sound of Pong Lang, which is played throughout the Isan region. Pong Lang Mai and Pong Lang Lek are the two types. Pong Lang Mai is a picture of about twelve Pong Lang balls arranged in order of high and low tones and played on a xylophone with string. But, because the rails were already too loud, Pong Lang brought the panel to hang on the hanger, which connects the tip to the base part to make the Pong Lang panel at a 45-degree angle to the ground. Pong Lang is made of heartwood and has a bent head like a hammer for the instrumentalist to beat the melody, as well as one pair and one pair for the assistant to knock to produce a harmonious sound. with chorus and dance, in accordance with the characteristics of Isan folk music

Of all the region of Thailand, the northeast is perhaps the least known among foreign visitors, in spite of the fact that it covers almost a third of the country’s total area and includes the second largest Thai city, Khon Kaen. This neglect is changing, however, more and more tourists are beginning to discover the northeast’s many unique attractions, both natural and historical.

Welcome Everyone to Khon Kaen


The 25th International Annual Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering